Gran Canaria, Tenerife, & La Palma host 6th annual repeople Conference – Europe’s largest remote work conference

80 speakers will participate in this conference that will be held for the first time on three Canary islands simultaneously in a co-located and hybrid format

  • Tax structures for remote workers, virtual teams leadership, and opportunities for the tourism industry are some of the topics that will be addressed at this conference
  • Repeople Conference is the only event in Europe that addresses remote work from a wide perspective, with the aim of understanding how this phenomenon is affecting the local economy and society

The Canary Islands will become the epicenter of remote work in Europe on November 23, with the sixth edition of the repeople Conference, Europe’s largest remote working conference, taking place simultaneously across three islands.

Thanks to the support of the Canary Islands Tourism Board, the Gran Canaria Tourist Board, Tenerife Work & Play, Gran Canaria’s Economic Promotion Society, and other public institutions and private companies, for the first time the repeople Conference will be held simultaneously in Gran Canaria, Tenerife and La Palma with a selection of 80 speakers to discuss issues such as tax structures for remote workers, the humanization of work, opportunities for the tourism industry, team management, innovation hubs, socioeconomic impact of remote work, the future of the workspace and virtual teams leadership, among others.

The three venues will have separate agendas but will connect with each other for the opening and closing conferences, which this year will be given by Jason Fried, co-founder and director of Basecamp, the American leading web software company based in Chicago. Fried is also an opinion leader on topics such as collaborative work, productivity, and the nature of work and is the author of several related books such as ‘Rework‘ (2010), ‘Remote‘ (2013) and ‘It Doesn’t Have to Be Crazy at work ‘(2018).

The repeople Conference is the only event in Europe that addresses the transformation of the workplace from various angles, with the aim of understanding how this phenomenon is affecting the local economy and society. To do this, the annual conference brings together the most prominent experts on the international scene and local professionals in order to help companies better understand this new phenomenon and suggest solutions so that they can adapt to the new reality of teleworking that has come to stay throughout the world.

In addition to international experts representing companies such as Siteground, Work Human or Grow Remote, representatives of institutions and companies from the Canary Islands will also participate in the panels, such as the Canary Islands Special Tax Zone, Proexca, Gran Canaria’s Economic Promotion Society, Philip Morris, Intel or Hiperdino, among others.

As every year and given its marked global character, the conference will be broadcast via streaming through the Hopin virtual platform accessible from anywhere in the world.

Strengthen the positioning of the Canary Islands

The Canary Islands have become one of the most important remote worker and digital nomad destinations in the world. The international community-based in the islands especially values legal certainty, tax advantages, high-quality health and education systems, an excellent Internet connection and low cost of living compared to other regions of the world. But it also appreciates aspects such as flight connectivity, quality of life, landscape diversity, leisure activities, and, of course, the warm and sunny climate all year round.

In addition, the Canary Islands already have more than a hundred co-working spaces and several coliving spaces adapted to the needs of this professional profile, where it is possible to comfortably combine work with recreation.

In this sense, the repeople Conference also aims to reinforce the positioning of the Canary Islands as a whole, as a meeting point for distributed companies, teleworkers, companies in the teleworking industry, and international talent, to achieve through this great event the attraction of companies and talent to the Archipelago., creating an ecosystem for remote workers is a platform that has been developing the ecosystem of remote workers in the Canary Islands for years. Its founder, Nacho Rodriguez, considers that the Archipelago has a great opportunity if it attends to the new opportunities that are generating the adoption of remote work at a global scale. The attraction of highly qualified and valuable international professionals who share knowledge and experience, as well as travel slowly connecting with locals, can contribute to the development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and the transition towards a knowledge economy.

Remote work is a trend that has already been showing clear growth in recent years, but the pandemic managed to fast forward its global implementation 10 years in a very short time. The business and professional world has forcibly proven that remote work works and is viable. Hence the importance of continuing to deepen this phenomenon, which also implies a commitment to the diversification of the island’s tourism model, providing it with greater resilience and added value.