Iberia Express Launches Campaign for Remote Workers who Want to Work from the Canary Islands

This commitment boosts the strategy of the Canary Islands, which is in search of the best remote worker through its international “The Best Climate in the World is Searching for a Remote Worker” campaign

Working from the Canary Islands is now even more attractive. The exceptional climatic and natural conditions of the Archipelago, fully prepared for remote workers, are now joined by the support of first class international companies, which are aligned with the strategy of Canary Islands Tourism. This is the case of Iberia Express, which has launched an exclusive 10% discount, through the website www.iberiaexpress.com/eventos/remoteworkers, for remote workers who want to base themselves in the Archipelago.

“The Canary Islands is a paradise that has it all – good weather, unique gastronomy and incomparable landscapes. Undoubtedly, a perfect place to holiday, live or work. So, at Iberia Express we have launched this initiative for digital nomads to enjoy exclusive discounts and facilities to travel, without having to change their form of teleworking,” explains Evandro Vianna, Commercial Director of Iberia Express.

The promotion, valid for minimum stays of 21 days, will be active until 31st August 2021 for flights on any date, with the code REMOTEWORKERS2021.

“This type of event launched by major international companies in the tourism sector reaffirms the decision of the Canary Islands to bet, in 2020, on this segment of a long stay that is so interesting for the sector,” says Yaiza Castilla, Minister of Tourism, Industry and Trade of the Government of the Canary Islands.

“In this manner, the Canary Islands continues to consolidate its position as a leading destination for a new segment that further diversifies the tourism model and reduces dependence on other more fragile segments. It’s nice to see that we are all working in the same direction. Moreover, in this case, for example, Iberia Express has connected this campaign in RRSS with our #RemoteWorkerWanted event, an initiative we are currently running to find a remote worker who wants to perform his or her job from the Canary Islands,” explains José Juan Lorenzo, Managing Director of Canary Islands Tourism.

Other international companies such as Meliá or Outsite are also betting on the Archipelago as a leading destination for teleworkers.

A similar initiative is being carried out by the Meliá hotel chain, also offering advantages for those who decide to locate their office in its elegant and luxurious resorts in Tenerife, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura through its “workation” event. Meliá is offering remote workers this new option, that combines work and leisure activities, with a 10% discount for stays of more than 14 days and a 20% discount for stays of 21 days.

And not only that. International companies specialised in the remote working sector are starting to establish themselves in the Canary Islands. An example of this is the new co-living space that Outsite, a world benchmark in this type of accommodation, has situated in Fuerteventura. The company, which has unparalleled and exotic spaces in the world’s most select locations such as Hawaii, California, Costa Rica, Bali and New York, has added the Canary Islands to its list of locations.

In fact, according to a recent study done by Nomad List, the top remote workers website, Tenerife and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria are among the 10 destinations in the world that have experienced the highest growth in the last 6 months as remote working hubs. This same ranking, based on the community activity, shows the growth of the Tenerife (in 4th position) by 205% in the last 5 years and Las Palmas (in 8th position) by 67% in the same period of time.

“We are seeing how the strategy we designed just over 6 months ago is being endorsed by large international companies, and this maintains us on the world map as a benchmark destination for remote working on a permanent basis. Our challenge now is to rely on these companies and take advantage of their expertise to continue attracting talent to ‘The Office with the Best Climate in the World’” says Yaiza Castilla.

An Atlantic Hub in the middle of nature

The Archipelago’s status as an Atlantic hub with very high connectivity (better broadband than the European average, its good climate all year round, extraordinary nature and diversity of its islands, landscapes and activities, its proximity to Europe and the very high number of connections, the safety of the destination and its cities and towns with a vibrant atmosphere, as well as the compatibility of working hours with the USA, Europe and a large part of the world, make the Canary Islands a leading destination for those who work remotely.


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