Best Travel Hacks for Savvy Travellers

Travelling is all about having fun and enjoy new experiences however, there’s no denying that at times it can be hectic. Make your next trip stress-free and even more enjoyable with some of our best travel hacks for travellers…

The Hotel Key Card Travel Hack

For this travel hack, the next time you check out of a hotel don’t hand back your key card, instead save it in your wallet or with your travel essentials. The next time you stay in a hotel take your old key card from your wallet and, on arrival to your room, place the old key card into the electricity activation slot. This simple travel hack allows you to keep your current key card on your person, for accessing your room and facilities, while having constant electricity in your room while your gone – the perfect travel hack for remote workers and nomads.

By using this helpful travel trick, you also won’t have to worry about leaving your key card in the electricity slot when leaving and on your return find you’ve no access to your room – we’ve all been there!

Learn more about our hotel key card travel hack on YouTube.

Create Custom Google Maps

One of the best travel hacks for travellers interested in sightseeing is creating a custom map with Google Map. This feature allows tourists to design your very own route to visit the landmarks and locations on your bucket list. With this tool, travellers can search places and save them to the map, add points or draw shapes anywhere, and even personalise each map with icons and colours. Custom maps can be embedded into websites or travel blogs and can be shared with friends, allowing travellers to collaborate on their itineraries.

Mark Your Luggage as Fragile

Marking your luggage as fragile is one of our favourite travel hacks for travellers. To do this, airport travellers can simply request a ‘fragile’ sticker at the check-in counter free of charge. By marking your luggage as fragile, not only does this ensure it’s handled with care, but also will shorten your wait time collecting your luggage as, most often, fragile tagged luggage comes onto the belt first. Jackpot!

Pay in Local Currency

It’s no secret that digital payment methods are rapidly overtaking cash payments, however card payments can come with excess fees when abroad. If you’re travelling and paying with a debit or credit card, you may be given an option to pay in the local currency, for example US Dollar, or in your own currency, for example Euro. It is usually cheaper to pay in the local currency. New payment services from fintech companies, such as Revolut, have different pricing models, but usually allow a certain number of foreign transactions before any fees are charged.

If you do want to get cash, use ATMs to get local currency. Using money converters in the airport usually come with their own fees and the exchange rates are usually very high.

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