Travel Industry Services – Ireland & the United Kingdom

We provide travel industry services exclusively to clients in the travel industry, assisting them with all their media and communications needs. We assist clients all over Europe, including Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Our expertise includes traditional PR – photocalls, press trips, media buying, press releases – and modern digital PR – SEO, blogging, video production and distribution, social media and content marketing.

We work with a wide range of companies in the travel industry, across many sectors, including tour operators, hotels, travel agents, airlines, airports, tourist boards and OTAs. No two clients are the same in their media, digital and communications requirements. The work we do for every client is different.

Our clients are based all over the world – Location is no longer important in the world of digital PR, we can provide travel industry services no matter where our clients are based. We provide travel industry services to Irish companies in the Irish market. We assist travel companies in the UK market. We assist UK companies in Ireland and all over Europe. We assist US based companies globally.

We are based in Dublin, Ireland, but split our time every month between Dublin, London and Paris. A client meeting is as likely to happen on Zoom, Skype, at WTM or ITB, in an airport or even on a press trip!

With some companies we work on a full-time retainer basis, with others part-time or on a project basis.

Travel Industry Services – Our Clients

Here are some of our clients we work with in the Irish and UK market within the travel industry: