Discover how disruptive technology will be for media, and tourism over the next decade

Credit: Massimo Marchiori

When : Meet the Media 7th February 2024 @ 13:20

In a world that seems to straddle the boundaries of magic and reality, where the digital and physical coexist, we find our final speaker for this year’s Meet the Media event. We are thrilled to present Massimo Marchiori, currently serving as a Professor at the University of Padua and the Technical Director of the European Institute for Science, Media, and Democracy. Massimo’s remarkable journey has left an indelible mark on web privacy, search engines, and the very fabric of the internet itself.

Unlocking the Nexus with Massimo Marchiori: A Quest into Tech, Media, and the Travel Frontier.”

The digital landscape is teeming with transformative technologies, from giants like Google and Facebook to social phenomena like TikTok and the ever-evolving world of chatbots. It’s fast-paced and almost magical in its ability to shape our lives. On the flip side, we have the more tangible, slower-paced physical world—filled with places, destinations, and people. The question that arises is whether these two seemingly separate worlds, Technology versus Society, can coexist and how we can bridge the gap.

In his talk, Massimo Marchiori will aim to unravel this aptly named ‘Chamber of Secrets’—an enigmatic space where secrets lurk, but also where profound understanding and rewards await. He will shed light on powerful general principles that not only illuminate the current technological landscape but also offer insights into its future evolution. Drawing from real examples, the discussion will extend its reach to encompass media and tourism, providing a holistic perspective on the dynamic relationship between technology and society.

A Glimpse into Massimo Marchiori’s Remarkable Career

Hyper Search: A Landmark Contribution

At the forefront of Massimo’s groundbreaking work is his creation of Hypersearch—the world’s first hyper search engine and the forerunner to Google. In 1996, Massimo introduced the concept of “hyperinformation,” a paradigm shift that laid the foundation for a new era in search engines. This approach, presented at WWW6 and later accepted by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), influenced the essence of how we measure visibility and the real potential of a webpage. In fact, Larry Page and Massimo engaged in discussions at the time, influencing the subsequent development of Google’s PageRank algorithm.

Navigating the Crossroads

For the Meet the Media audience, Massimo will discuss the dynamics between technology, media, and travel. In the quest to bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds, he will shine a light on how technology and media can shape the future of travel experiences. From the impact of evolving technologies on traveler behavior to the role of media, Massimo’s discourse will provide invaluable insights for all stakeholders in the travel sector.

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