The Power of AI in Tourism: Insights from Ian Cleary at Meet the Media 2024

When: Meet the Media 7th February 2024 @ 10:00

Meet the Media 2024 is set to host Ian Cleary, a distinguished Social Media & Digital Marketing Expert and the founder of Razor Social, as a key speaker. With two decades of experience in technology and digital marketing, Ian is recognized globally as a top content marketer and media professional.


Expertise and Achievements

Ian’s career includes being listed among the top 50 content marketers globally, one of the top 25 social media professionals, and a top 40 digital strategist. His influence extends beyond accolades, with notable achievements such as winning the “Best Social Media Blog” annual award and featured articles in prestigious publications like Forbes and


AI Powered Tourism

Ian’s upcoming talk, ‘AI Powered Tourism – 15 Practical Tools, Tips, and Techniques to Immediately Action,’ promises to shed light on the transformative role of artificial intelligence in the tourism sector. Drawing from his extensive background, Ian is uniquely positioned to discuss this topic, given his hands-on experience in digitally transforming Ireland’s activity and attraction sector.


Impactful Initiatives

Currently involved in an initiative to digitally transform Ireland’s tourism sector, Ian Cleary is not just a theorist but a practitioner in the field. His commitment to advancing digital marketing is evident in his role as a professional speaker at international events and a contributing author to renowned publications.


What to Expect

Attendees at Meet the Media 2024 can anticipate a wealth of knowledge from Ian Cleary, a true expert in the world of digital marketing. His talk not only explores the transformative potential of AI in tourism but also equips the audience with practical tools, tips, and techniques that can be immediately implemented. Stay tuned for insights that promise to shape the way we view and implement AI in the tourism industry.


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