– Who We Are and What We Do


[su_heading style=”default” size=”13″ align=”left” margin=”20″]This may seem like a bizarre or even obvious blog post to write, but it’s a question we get asked a lot – “What do you do at” .[/su_heading]

The short answer is whatever our clients ask us to do. The reality in today’s world is that it changes all the time. Thus the reason I suppose why people feel the need to ask what it is we do. What we did only two years ago is now a world away from what we do today. For example, social media is now more than 50% of our daily workload, whereas three years ago it was only about 20%.

Let me start first by telling you who we are, this might better help explain, the later question, what we do. We are team of four full-time and eight part-time.

Michael Collins

Michael Collins set up in 2006. Prior to this, he held a number of roles in the print world, as Editor and Publisher of Backpacker, Abroad and Irish Business Traveller magazines. While working as a journalist he was also a regular contributor to radio and television as a travel expert.  

Michelle, Niamh and Ruth

Michelle Ryan studied Communications and Journalism at DCU in Dublin and was with radio station 98FM prior to joining Michelle is originally from Kinsale in Cork. Niamh Waters is 100% a ‘Dub’ and studied Journalism and Public Relations in Dublin. Niamh worked in both medical communications and retail marketing before settling for the world of travel PR. Ruth Aravena is from Dublin with a South American heritage. Ruth studied History & Politics at UCD and Journalism at DCU and held online editorial and digital production roles at the Irish state broadcaster RTE, and the UK newspaper The Guardian, before moving to PR. Freelancers

On a weekly, and often daily basis we work with a brilliant group of freelancers, specifically a blogger, a photographer, a videographer, two graphic designers, a programmer, an SEO expert and a Google Adwords Manager. The skillsets these contractors bring to the team are invaluable in today’s multi-disciplined media environment.

What do we do?

Eight years ago when we started out we were very much a traditional travel specific PR company. Today, we are still that, but also a full service agency, and much more. The “more” comes from our clients always asking to do new and different things. Our clients tend not to distinguish between the different disciplines within todays media industry. We are their media people. To some that means press releases, media monitoring and press trips. To others it means Adwords, SEO, social media and blog writing.

The below is a list of the tasks we carry out on a weekly basis for our clients:

  • Trade representation
  • Press release writing, distribution and media monitoring
  • Prize and competition placement with print, online and broadcast media
  • Press trip management
  • Photocalls and promotions
  • Social media training
  • Social media account setup
  • Social media account management
  • Social media monitoring and reporting
  • Blog writing, posting, and distribution
  • Content creation, editorial, advertorial and third party travel content
  • Media buying
  • Road shows, both our own group road shows and also bespoke client road shows
  • Launch events
  • SEO and AdWords setup and management


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