What Irish Travel Experts Love about Bradley International Airport

Bradley International Airport, located near Hartford, Connecticut, has rapidly emerged as a preferred gateway for Irish travellers exploring the picturesque landscapes and vibrant culture of New England. The airport’s growing popularity is evident in the testimonials of seasoned Irish travel agents, who commend Bradley for its accessibility, efficiency, and the unique experiences it offers. Let’s delve into their firsthand accounts and explore why Bradley is increasingly becoming the entry point of choice for those venturing into the heart of the United States.

The Gateway to New England

Róisín Carbery, a Senior Travel Consultant at American Sky, describes Bradley International Airport as the “new gateway for New England.” For her and many other Irish travellers, Bradley has become the starting point for an exploration that transcends state boundaries, allowing them to seamlessly traverse all six states that make up this captivating region, adding “it’s a great starting point for not just Connecticut, all the six states”. Jim Vaughan, the Managing Director of JustSplit.com, says “since Aer Lingus opened up the route in the last couple of years, it’s really opened up Bradley as the new gateway to the region.”

Efficiency and Easy Navigation

Jim Vaughan also applauds the airport’s navigability, emphasizing its compact layout and friendly staff. Vaughan notes that the airport’s manageable size contributes to a hassle-free experience, making the journey through the airport a breeze for passengers. “The airport itself is really easy to navigate. It’s relatively compact. The staff are all friendly as airport staff go and they make it the experience through the airport and getting their passengers through the airport quite easy”, he says.

Streamlined Arrival and Pre-clearance Advantage

Michael Doorley, Managing Director of Shandon Travel, expressed his delight with the pre-clearance process at Dublin Airport, something he describes as “obviously a big advantage” for Irish travellers coming into Bradley International Airport, where they arrive just like domestic passengers. Bradley’s efficiency extends beyond its compact layout; it encompasses a streamlined arrival process. Doorley praises the quick and seamless transition from the aircraft to baggage collection, allowing travellers to start their Connecticut adventure promptly.

Mairéad Keegan, Product Development Manager at Click&Go.com, also attests to the “seamless” arrival at Bradley International Airport. Her positive experience reflects the airport’s commitment to providing a smooth entry point for international travellers. From gate to baggage claim, Bradley ensures a hassle-free transition, setting the tone for a delightful exploration of the surrounding New England states.

Swift Transition and Accessibility

Deirdre Whelan, a Travel Consultant at American Holidays, highlights the ease of getting from Dublin to Hartford. Her account of her 7-hour, 15-minute flight culminating in a mere 15-minute airport exit with bags in hand underscores Bradley’s efficiency. The airport’s accessibility facilitates a quick transition for travellers eager to embark on their New England adventure.

As echoed by Fiona Dunne, formerly of eTravel, who describes flying into Bradley Airport as “fantastic,” the airport’s reputation among Irish travellers is on the rise. Bradley International Airport’s strategic location, coupled with its streamlined processes and friendly atmosphere, positions it as the ideal gateway to New England. For Irish travellers seeking a seamless and enjoyable entry into the northeast US, Bradley stands as a testament to the evolving landscape of international travel.

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