10 Reasons Why Barbados Should Be Your 2021 Holiday Destination

Are you dreaming of jetting off to sunnier shores? Boasting beautiful white sand beaches, glistening warm waters and of course, delicious rum, it’s no secret that Barbados is known worldwide as a holiday paradise. Need some more convincing? Read on to find out 10 reasons why Barbados should be your 2021 holiday destination…

Health and Wellness

Are you dreaming of the ultimate relaxation holiday? Unwind in Barbados, the destination of choice for wellness. In January of this year, Barbados was announced Wellness Destination of the Year 2020 at the Caribbean Travel Awards, and it’s no surprise why. Barbados is home to a plethora of incredible wellness hotspots, from beautiful resort spas such as Sandy Lane to the holistic wellness experience at Sweetfield Manor. These facilities, combined with the island’s fresh sea breezes, peaceful coastal getaways and the laid-back Bajan atmosphere make Barbados the perfect destination for health and wellness for your 2021 holiday.

2021 Barbados Surf Pro

Calling all surfers! Boasting coral reefs and powerful waves, Barbados is known as a surfer’s paradise. From the 17th – 22nd March 2021, the beautiful Barbados coastline will host the 2021 Barbados Surf Pro at the iconic Soup Bowl, one of the Caribbean’s best loved surfing spots. This event hosts over 160 local and international surfers, both men and women, and watches them battle it out to take the title.

Beautiful Beaches

The coral island of Barbados is home to more than 80 pristine white-sand beaches, many of which are recognised as the most beautiful beaches in the world. Between the beach and the ocean, you’ll never be short of things to do in Barbados! Enjoy the island’s water sports including jet-skiing at the ever-lively Mullins Beach, boogie boarding and paddle boarding at Pebbles Beach, surfing at the Soup Bowl and on Atlantic Shores, and high-octane kitesurfing at Silver Sands.

Visit the east coast to picnic under shady trees at Bath or Bathsheba, or the south and west coasts where you can take a boat trip to swim with the turtles or spend a day aboard a luxury catamaran, cruising crystal-clear seas like a celebrity.

Barbados Celtic Festival

Taking place from the 19th – 24th May 2021, the Barbados Celtic Festival is a music and food festival, steeped in history and tradition, celebrating the links between the Celtic Countries of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Nova Scotia, the Gallic regions in Europe and the sunny Caribbean island of Barbados.

The annual festival is a focal point in the Barbados calendar, attracting visitors from all corners of the world and for good reason, combining music with a fusion of flavours from visiting chefs, and highland and beach games for the sporting enthusiasts.

The Cuisine

Barbados is known as the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean, and for good reason! From street food to fine dining and everything in between, Barbados has plenty to offer every type of foodie. Try the island’s national dish, flying fish with cou-cou, or some famous Bajan fish cakes, served in most rum shops along with ham, cheese or fish cutters! Fancy something more lavish? Barbados is home to a number of fine dining restaurants, such as the Lone Star Restaurant, famed for idyllic beach setting, celebrity clientele and, of course, it’s delicious food and top-class service.

Accommodation Options

Whether you choose a cosy bed & breakfast, a quaint guest house on the beach, a posh villa or a luxurious 5-star hotel, you can find it all at a price which suits your pocket and your passion for a fancy free getaway. There is an abundance of accommodation options throughout the island, especially on the south and west coasts so, you’re sure to be spoiled for choice when planning your 2021 holiday to Barbados.

Crop Over Festival

Crop Over is Barbados’ premier festival, taking place between July and August every year it combines a series of fabulous events celebrating Barbadian music, arts, food, culture and so much more, marking the end of the island’s sugar cane crop season, remembering Barbados’ colonial past, when sugar cane was king. Barbados ends the festivities with a grand carnival parade know as Kadooment Day. Kadooment is known as the biggest and sweetest carnival to end the Caribbean’s carnival season in August each year. The event starts early morning at the National Stadium and beautiful masquerade bands traverse the local city streets ending on Spring Garden highway late in the afternoon.


If exploring glorious underwater landscapes and interacting with a diverse range of sea life tickles your fancy, then a holiday to Barbados is exactly what you need! Known as the Shipwreck Capital of the Caribbean, the island of Barbados is home to a variety of wrecks that have developed over the years into fabulous artificial reefs attracting divers and snorkelers from all corners of the world. For the best snorkelling and diving experiences, visit Carlisle Bay and Folkstone Marine Park.

Barbados Food and Rum Festival

Barbados is known as the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean and, of course, the birthplace of rum. Both food and rum are the essence of Barbados culture, and both are celebrated by every part of Bajan society through the annual Barbados Food and Rum Festival. The festival has given birth to a series of events, or better yet – culinary and beverage experiences – designed to tantalize the taste buds, while offering a variety of other colourful and flavourful experiences to stimulate the other senses as well.

Taking place from the 27th – 31st October 2021, the Barbados Food and Rum Festival is one of the most popular food festivals in the world and is one Bajan event not to be missed!

The Bajan Atmosphere

This island will draw you in with its idyllic tropical beaches and delicious rum but, time and time again, it’s the iconic Bajan atmosphere you experience that will have you coming back for more. Barbados is famous for its relaxed atmosphere and all-round good vibe, and its people are known for being one of the most welcoming in the Caribbean. Whether tasting delicious Bajan delicacies, enjoying a tipple in the local rum shop or grooving to calypso beats, you can be sure you’ll spend your 2021 Barbados holiday amongst good vibes.

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