Ignite Your Sailing Passion: Barbados Sailing Week 2024 Unveiled!

Credit: Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc.

Set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Caribbean, Barbados Sailing Week 2024, orchestrated by
the Barbados Cruising Club in partnership with the Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc (BTMI), is not
just an event; it’s a sailing extravaganza that transcends the ordinary!

Mark Your Calendar:

From January 13th to 24th, immerse yourself in twelve days of sheer nautical brilliance, where the
sea becomes a canvas for daring feats and the island becomes a playground for unforgettable

Beyond Sailing Excellence:
Barbados Sailing Week is more than a showcase of world-class sailing conditions; it’s a celebration of
our vibrant culture and warm hospitality. Picture yourself surrounded by stunning coastal views,
sipping a tropical drink, and soaking in the thrill of sport, leisure, and adventure in paradise!

Credit: Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc.

Thrilling Highlights Await!

Youth Take the Helm:
The first weekend (13th & 14th) dedicates itself to the future of sailing as our junior sailors compete
fiercely in four classes, battling for the top spot.

Beyond Yachts:
Brace yourself for jaw-dropping displays! Wing foilers and freestyle kitesurfers steal the spotlight on
the 20th and 21st with their aerial acrobatics.

High-Octane RC Races:
Experience the excitement on the 16th and 17th as remote-controlled Dragonflite boats zip across
Golden Pond in St. Philip.

Mount Gay Magic:
On the 21st, the legendary Mount Gay Round Barbados Race kicks off, followed by the unmissable
Mount Gay Red Cap party at the Cruising Club. Imagine, legendary moments magnified with the
equally legendary Mount Gay rum!

Charting New Waters:
In an exciting addition, the Rum to Spice race on the 24th links Barbados Sailing Week to Carriacou,
seamlessly connecting the sailing fervor with Grenada Sailing Week the following weekend.

Multihull class for Round Barbados:
Embark on an exhilarating voyage with our latest addition — introducing the thrill-packed Multihull
Class in the upcoming Round Barbados Race! Brace yourself for high-speed spectacles and cutting edge competition as we redefine the essence of sailing adventure.

The J24 Return!:
The legendary J24s return! 5 local J24s are gearing up for an epic showdown on Saturday 20th Jan.

The Mount Gay Round Barbados race has a fleet of 11 entrants, including foreign boats! With over 60
sailors joining the fray! Our Coastal Racing boasts 16 entries, featuring 6 international vessels adding
an extra layer of excitement to this oceanic showdown!

Embark on a thrilling sponsorship voyage with us. Our Gold Sponsors are CPM, Old Duppy, and
Bajan Pure. In the Silver Sponsor bracket we have The Barbados Yacht Club. Don’t miss the chance
to align your brand with this exhilarating lifestyle and enjoy the international exposure Barbados
Sailing Week provides. We still have spots left! Visit roundbarbados.com to start your sponsorship

The Visit Barbados Sailing and Boardwalk Experience:
On January 20th, bring the whole crew, grab some drinks and watch the coastal racing at Blakey’s Bar
and Grill. Hosted by the BTMI, enjoy music, cultural performers, live commentary and food and
drink specials. Don’t miss all the fun from 1pm – 4pm.

Red Cap Party:
Sunday January 21st from 6pm come lime with the sailors at the Barbados Cruising Club and enjoy
entertainment from The Breaking Point Band, DJ Indian & Chris Gayle, DJ Red Pineapple. Make sure
to wear your red cap for a free cocktail!

Get a Red Cap:
Snagging a red cap is a badge of sailing honor! Grab one by hopping on board one of the boats signed
up for Sailing Week during an event. Register your boat or sign up as a volunteer crew member on
roundbarbados.com. For guaranteed participation on racing yacht, follow our updates on facebook
page. Spots on visiting boats are up for grabs!

Credit: Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc.

Social Events:

Sailing Excellence Meets Caribbean Charm!
It’s not just an event; it’s a fusion of sporting prowess and the laid-back allure of the Caribbean,
making Barbados Sailing Week 2024 a must-attend for sailing aficionados and those seeking an
unforgettable island escapade!
For Further Information, Stay Tuned for Waves of Excitement!

www.roundbarbados.com, facebook.com/RoundBarbados, instagram.com/roundbarbadossailingweek

Credit: Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc.