What makes the Canary Islands unique?


The Canary Islands – The Nudist Capital of Europe!


The Canary Islands are home to 400 beaches of which 175 are nudist. Read on to learn more about the top nudist beaches in the archipelago.



Playa de Cofete – Fuerteventura

Stretching for 14 km and with a width of 50 m, Playa de Cofete is Spain’s largest nudist beach. The freedom of going naked on an endless stretch of sand in a gorgeous setting will allow you to be at one with nature. Most of Fuerteventura’s beaches are nudist or have an area set aside for nudism.


Playa del Inglés – Gran Canaria

This blue flag beach comes with the works: sunbed and umbrella hire, toilets, lifeguards and snack bars. Playa del Inglés and Maspalomas are beautiful beaches, and they’re right next to each other. It’s a natural five-star LGBTQ-exclusive experience!


Charco del Palo – Lanzarote

Lanzarote, the island of volcanoes, has nudist spots to suit all tastes. The most special of all is the natural pool of Charco del Palo. It is actually a nudist village, where going naked is the norm. A huge sign at the entrance makes that very clear, so visitors know what to expect.


Playa de las Conchas – La Graciosa

The island of La Graciosa is a natural haven, in itself, with several pristine beaches. Playa de las Conchas is one of the island’s best-known beaches and is also a nudist spot. It is 600 metres long, so it has plenty of space where you can completely switch off and enjoy the crystal-clear water and golden sand.


The remoteness and beauty of Las Conchas make it one of the best places for nudism in the Canaries.


Playa de las Gaviotas – Tenerife

Las Gaviotas is a legendary nudist area in Tenerife, as well as a symbol of freedom and being in touch with nature. This untouched beach has fine black sand and rocks. The cliff blocks the sunlight in the afternoon, so it’s best to arrive early if you plan to spend the day here. For the best experience, you should go at low tide.


Playa del Verodal – El Hierro

El Hierro has just two nudist beaches, and one of them is Playa del Verodal. The wonderful thing about this beach is that it’s the only accessible red sand beach in the Canary Islands.


The vibrant red sand comes from the volcanic material found in a rift that ends at the beach. That gives you an idea of how recent and untouched this part of the island is. El Hierro is the most volcanic island in the Canaries and has more than 300 open calderas, plus 500 closed ones. El Verodal is in the borough of Frontera, away from it all, on a very quiet island. No one will bother you while you enjoy going naked in private.


Playa de los Tarajales – La Palma

In 2014 Los Tarajales became the only beach on the island of La Palma where you can bare it all, after the beach in Las Monjas was closed. It’s the most recent nudist beach in the Canaries.


Los Tarajales is 760 m long and 90 m wide, creating a fairly large area from the shore to the end of the beach. The change of status for this bay of sand and rocks was welcomed by locals, tourists and the nudist LGBTQ community.


Playa del Inglés – La Gomera

Playa del Inglés is a spot that shares both the name and the beauty of its well-known namesake on Gran Canaria. This natural site is in Valle Gran Rey, on the island of La Gomera. Unlike other beaches in the Canaries, it has a history of nudism: in the 1970s, it was a popular hippy hangout.


You’ll leave the paradise of the Canary Islands with your batteries recharged, full of wonderful sensations and free of stress. Once you’ve tried the Canaries, you’re bound to return!


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