Conquer the 8 Islands Cycling Challenge: A Cyclist’s Paradise Awaits in the Canary Islands

January 2024 – The Canary Islands, renowned for their breathtaking landscapes and diverse terrains, invite cycling enthusiasts to embark on the ultimate cycling adventure: the 8 Islands Cycling Challenge. Covering a distance of 900km, conquering more than 21,600m of positive elevation gain, this epic 8-day journey offers cyclists an extraordinary opportunity to experience the unparalleled beauty of all eight Canary Islands.

Discover the Cycling Paradise

Imagine cycling through the unique territory of the Canary Islands, where contrasts meet and breathtaking landscapes unfold. With a perfect climate during the European winter, cyclists can enjoy ideal conditions throughout the journey. Mild, sunny temperatures create an optimal environment, allowing riders to explore the diverse and stunning beauty of the Canary Islands without the concern of extreme cold or inclement weather.

An Epic Adventure Unveiled

In early October 2023, cyclists Pol Tarrés and Lina Bo successfully completed the 8 Islands Cycling Challenge, showcasing the allure and feasibility of this incredible cycling adventure in the middle of the Atlantic. Now, cyclists worldwide are invited to partake in this unforgettable journey.

La Palma – “La Isla Bonita” (The Beautiful Island)

Experience the heartbeat of La Palma as you embark on a 154km journey from Santa Cruz de La Palma to Roque de los Muchachos. Traverse lush pine forests and surreal volcanic landscapes, covering an impressive elevation gain of 3,909m, with the highest point reaching 2,312m.

La Gomera – “Enter into its Magic”

Immerse yourself in the heart of La Gomera during a 98km exploration. Traverse laurel forests, navigate deep ravines, and revel in the enchanting Garajonay National Park, a UNESCO-listed wonder. The journey includes a positive elevation gain of 2,763m, with the highest point reaching 1,363m.

El Hierro – “Explore the Island with Soul”

Uncover the magic of the youngest Canary Island during a 103km journey. Marvel at its volcanic landscapes, lush nature, and spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean, all while conquering a positive elevation gain of 3,113m, with the highest point reaching 1,341m.

Tenerife – “Challenging the Epic”

Conquer the epic challenge covering 150km from Los Cristianos to Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Navigate through diverse terrains, each presenting a unique tapestry of landscapes and altitudes. The route includes a positive elevation gain of 3,459m, with the highest point reaching 1,143m.

Gran Canaria – “Adventure Through a Miniature Continent”

Embark on a thrilling 135km adventure, exploring Gran Canaria’s contrasts. From stunning beaches to the summit of Pico de las Nieves, experience the essence of this miniature continent. The journey includes a positive elevation gain of 3,485m, with the highest point reaching 1,861m.

Fuerteventura – “A Challenge in Paradise”

Indulge in paradise as you conquer the challenges of Fuerteventura during a 137km, 6-hour journey. Immerse yourself in paradisal beaches and tackle the island’s captivating terrains, covering a positive elevation gain of 2,017m, with the highest point reaching 586m.

Lanzarote – “Through Volcanic Essence”

Experience the volcanic essence of Lanzarote in a 113km, 5.45-hour ride from Playa Blanca to Órzola. Witness unique geological wonders as you cycle through this extraordinary island, covering a positive elevation gain of 2,038m, with the highest point reaching 569m.


Active Recovery in La Graciosa

Protected as a natural park, La Graciosa, the largest and only inhabited island of the Chinijo archipelago, offers cyclists the perfect setting for active recovery after the challenge. With its pristine beaches, turquoise waters, and an environment free from asphalt and pollution, La Graciosa provides a peaceful retreat to rejuvenate and connect with nature.

Basking in the abundant sunshine, cyclists can benefit from the unique composition of marine waters and volcanic origin, contributing to recovery therapies. The island’s status as the largest marine reserve in the European Union ensures a dream-like experience, allowing cyclists to relax, unwind, and celebrate their remarkable achievement.