Family Holiday Health Tips

Press release:
 July 23rd 2019

No matter where your family holiday takes you, having a happy and healthy trip is the main priority.

To make that happen, your family needs to take certain precautions before and throughout the trip.

Putting some of the following health tips into practice can help make your holiday as care-free as possible!

Pack a first aid kit
Pack a first aid kit complete with child-safe painkillers, antihistamine tablets, hydrocortisone cream, antiseptic wipes, and, of course, bandages because having an extra bandage, or five, is always a good idea.

If your child has a history of illness at home, assume that they may reoccur while abroad. Supplies of medication for asthma, diabetes, migraine and other known conditions should be carried.

Get health advice before you travel
It’s important to gather as much health advice as possible before travelling as a family.

Very often, children may need less vaccines than parents as their childhood vaccines will still be active. However, the recent trend to consider measles, mumps and rubella as mild illnesses means that many children have not completed their usual childhood vaccines and so they will frequently be at a higher risk as they travel to countries where these air borne diseases are much more common.

Book an appointment in your local TMB clinic to find out everything you need to know ahead of your trip.

Stay hydrated
Make sure that the whole family takes in plenty of water – long days out in the sun, hiking, or sunbathing, can leave the whole family dehydrated.

Carry refillable water bottles to prevent headaches and dizzy spells.

We would recommend children try to drink about one to two litres of water per day and adults are best off drinking three.

Eat healthy
Eating healthy on holiday can seem like an impossible task for some families.

Stop by a grocery store or a local market to pick up some fresh fruit and vegetables to keep everyone healthy from the inside out. Why not make it fun for the children and let them pick out their own?

Choosing a hotel or resort with healthy dining options can also help when trying to make the right food choices.

Be careful in the sun
One of the most common issues that comes with a sun holiday is sun burn and, as we all know, sunburn never ends too well.

Be sure to pack a bottle of sun cream for each person going on the trip and constantly reapply cream throughout the day.

Another common issue? Sun stroke. Sun stroke is known to happen very easily so remember to take breaks from the sun regularly in order to re-hydrate and recuperate.

Be aware of your surroundings
Do some research before your holiday to see the safety level of the country you’re going to. That can vary from the cleanliness of water, the safety of food, or the risks of the environment. If you’re advised against drinking the water from the faucet, buy plastic water bottles from the shop.

Exploration and children go hand in hand so watch out for those potentially dangerous caves, holes, cliffs and street alleys.

Keep the children entertained
Children need to be constantly entertained. With this in mind, it’s essential that you book your holiday in the knowledge that they will also have a good time.

If you really want a peaceful holiday make sure you have a sufficient supply of games, toys and books to keep them amused.

Don’t forget your insect repellent
Children love to play outside in the early hours of dusk. This is usually the worst time for mosquitoes and other nasty biting insects.

Good insect repellent is essential and there is only a very limited risk of toxicity, providing you wash it off well before the children retire for the night.

Swim safely
Small children love to swim and to run around close to the pool edge – remember to keep an eye on them at all times.

However, in the open sea it can be difficult to see your children’s whereabouts at all times-wearing a brightly coloured bathing cap will make it somewhat easier to spot them.

Have a family plan for lost children
Have a family plan in case someone goes missing. One plan is to return to the last spot where you can remember meeting together.

Remember what clothing your children are wearing each day and, if you can, go for easily identifiable colours.

Even though you may feel a bit silly, having a distinct ‘family whistle’ is often a great asset in a crowded market or shopping centre.

With these precautions, you won’t have to worry about you or your family being anything but healthy!

For more travel health tips and advice call your local TMB clinic and book in to speak with one of our qualified professionals.

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