The Canary Islands spearhead an initiative to abolish Blue Monday and combat fake news


The initiative proposes having the third Monday in January become True Monday, the International Day against fake news

Canary Islands, 18 January 2019 – For years, as part of their effort to bring back good vibes, the Canary Islands has been fighting against Blue Monday, a piece of fake news that keeps spreading like wildfire. This is a clear example of fake news in the post-truth era that every year affects the mood of many people around the world.

This year, the Islands will go one step further to do away with Blue Monday once and for all by turning it into True Monday, and they will work in coming months to turn it into the International Day Against Fake News, a day to combat all the lies and untruths that sow tension, discord and bad vibes.

The website, is the go to resource for this and includes tips for identifying fake news, measures for getting back the good vibes and a quiz so users can check their knowledge.

Goodbye Blue Monday, hello True Monday

In 2005, using a completely made-up formula, Professor Cliff Arnall, from Cardiff University (United Kingdom), declared that the third Monday in January was the year’s saddest day. This initiative was part of an advertising campaign for a travel agency.

Even though its credibility was called into question from day one, to the point that even Cardiff University called it “a farce”, the media, including social media, continued to spread the news year after year.

The Canary Islands have managed to get none other than Professor Arnall himself to publicly disavow his Blue Monday creation and join the #StopBlueMonday movement. “It’s time to finally stop letting made-up comments, news or formulas manipulate our feelings and for everyone to start improving the climate”, says the professor.

In short, the goal of the initiative is to remove the day devoted to sadness from the calendar once and for all and, in its place, to raise society’s awareness of the fight against the type of fake news that created it.

On Monday the 21st, True Monday, the #TrueMonday campaign will be launched internationally on social media to advertise this new initiative.

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