Valencia is at the forefront of Sustainable Tourism

Great news for Irish travellers looking for a more sustainable holiday destination! Valencia’s latest report on the carbon footprint generated from its tourist activity shows its ongoing commitment to sustainability. The report provides in-depth insights into carbon emissions generated by tourist activity, breaking the topic down into ten different categories, such as the city transport system, allowing readers to see exactly which types of activity or stay generate the highest emissions and which account for the least.


Valencia is leading the way in sustainability, becoming the first city to measure these metrics of the carbon and water footprint for tourist activity. The city’s sustainability strategy aligns with its goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2030, and it has a robust plan to make it happen. The strategy aims to highlight the city’s capacity to respond to the needs of a new model that is more inclusive and integrated, more ethical and collaborative, more visitor-friendly, and responsible.


Valencia’s commitment to carbon-neutral tourism activity includes wider transparency and information given to tourists, with detailed reporting of the city’s carbon and water footprint. The city’s efforts are gaining recognition, and it has been chosen as the European Green Capital 2024, demonstrating just how impressive the achievement is.


Valencia also excels in its food sustainability, sourcing food locally from a farming area known as L’Horta de Valencia. The city’s carbon and water footprint reporting also carries significant weight, as it is crucial to address both carbon and water footprints in the face of climate change.


Valencia’s commitment to sustainability is ongoing, with plans and strategies to reduce carbon emissions continuously being implemented. So, keep an eye out for exciting progress yet to come as the city commits to becoming a 100% responsible tourist destination. Valencia is an ideal destination for Irish travellers interested in a more sustainable holiday.




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VISIT VALÈNCIA is a non-profit Foundation, in which the Valencia City Council, the Chamber of Commerce, Feria València and the Valencian Business Confederation participate together alongside other local tourism companies. Its objective is the strategic management and promotion of tourism in the city of Valencia, with an approach that combines public and private interest. Since its creation in 1991, the Foundation has contributed to the evolution of tourism in the city, promoting employment, tourism development and increased economic impact, factors that have had a direct impact on the well-being of Valencian society.