Portugal Introduces Extra Protective Measures Against COVID-19

Portugal remains open to travel and continues to welcome visitors

On the 25th of November 2021, the Portuguese Prime Minister, Antonio Costa, announced new restrictions on entry into Portugal to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in the country.

From the 1st of December 2021 at 0h00, until the 9th of January 2022, all visitors to Portugal will require a negative COVID-19 test result and a Passenger Locator Form to enter Portugal. This includes entrance to the country by any means, including plane, train, boat or car.

To gain entry to Portugal from the 1st of December 2021, persons are required to present the Passenger Locator Form and a negative result of one of the following:

  • RT-PCR Test (or similar NAAT test) – 72 hours before boarding
  • Rapid Antigen test – 48 hours before boarding (even for those who hold an EU Digital Covid-19 Certificate)

Portugal remains open and continues to welcome Irish visitors to the country. These measures have been introduced to prevent further closing of the economy. Portugal is keen to prevent any further closures and wish for everyone to enjoy all amenities as normal.

All businesses will remain open with some taking additional measures to prevent any future closures. Bars, nightclubs and major events (such as sporting events) will require a negative COVID-19 test, even if you are fully vaccinated. An EU Digital Covid Certificate will be required to access tourist accommodations and restaurants in Portugal and mask wearing will be mandatory in indoor spaces.


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About Visit Portugal

Integrated with the Ministry of Economy and Digital Transition, Visit Portugal is the National Tourism Authority responsible for the promotion, enhancement, and sustainability of tourism activity. It brings together in a single entity all the institutional skills related to boosting tourism, from supply to demand. With a privileged relationship with other public entities and economic agents, at home and abroad, Visit Portugal is committed to fulfilling the goal of strengthening tourism as one of the pillars of the growth of the Portuguese economy.