The music festival with the best views in the world

In July 2021, Marvão in Alentejo, Portugal, is due to host the Marvão International Music Festival – a festival like no other! Marvão International Music Festival offers attendees a whole new view of Portugal, as well as the opportunity to hear and see exciting new performers among some of the best views in the world.

Located just two-and-a-half hours from Lisbon Airport, the charming village of Marvão is often referred to as a ‘Fairytale’ location and it’s easy to see why. Uncover Marvão’s history in it’s famous 13th Century castle, get lost in it’s narrow, winding lane ways and get inspired by some of the best views in the world! Stepping into the walled, medieval village of Marvão is like entering into a whole new world. Soaring 900m above sea-level, the village of Marvão offers unforgettable, picturesque views in all directions.

What began as a three-day festival in 2014 has, as of 2019, has grown to fill ten days, with over 40 concerts, drawing on the talents of some 600 musicians. The Marvão International Music Festival was created for everyone, connecting various musical styles together in harmony. For example, classical music joins fado, a Portuguese spiritual music, or accompany visual arts, dance or other forms of artistic expression, guaranteeing something for everyone.

The festival consistently hosts a number of fantastic artists both Portuguese and international including Clara-Jumi Kang, Javier Perianes, Cologne Chamber Orchestra to name but a few.

With affordable ticket prices and a shuttle-bus service from Lisbon Airport, free your mind and feed your soul within the beauty of Marvão, and don’t miss this unforgettable festival.