Coronavirus Covid-19: News that won’t scare you


Here at, we understand the information overload regarding the coronavirus Covid-19 that many people are facing in recent weeks. Due to the ever-changing media reports and increase in the use of scaremongering tactics, we have decided to put together a blog dedicated to good reports, updates and commentary on Covid-19.

We will update this page as often as possible with the best articles we can find outlining the current situation regarding Covid-19 around the globe.


Tropical Medical Bureau have a number of great blog posts relating to the Covid 19 pandemic – from health and safety advice for backpackers abroad to Coronavirus mythbusters, these blogs are definitely worth the read.

The Skift Coronavirus Blog has been active for the past two weeks covering the outbreak’s impact on the travel industry. Skift constantly updates this blog with their own stories as well as stories from other media to make it a great go-to for news updates all over the world regarding Covid-19.

Here is a great blog written by Pádraig Gilligan, Managing Partner of Sool Nua on Tuesday, 10th March. Gilligan outlines some great tips on how to deal with the coronavirus pandemic in business and personal life, noting to postpone events rather than cancelling as in the majority of cases, contractual obligations remain. He also makes a great point to take advantage of this period of reflection – make the most out of a bad situation and use your extra time wisely.

Dyane Connor, RTÉ, released a Covid-19 MythBuster on Wednesday 11th March, setting the record straight with all the most common Coronavirus myths going around in recent times. Citing the World Health Organization, Connor has knocked certain “tips” that have been circulating, and outlined factual information to help the public stay safe.

In this article published on Wednesday 11th March, Ignacio López-Goñi explains ten reasons why the public should not panic about Coronavirus Covid-19. Outlining the pure facts of the pandemic, López-Goñi explains that there are “causes for optimism; reasons to think there may be ways to contain and defeat the virus. And lessons to learn for the future“. This article is definitely worth the read and is sure to put wandering minds at ease.