How holidaymakers use Twitter

[su_heading style=”default” size=”13″ align=”center” margin=”20″]Twitter has released a very interesting infographic detailing just how their UK users are making the most of the social network while on their holidays.[/su_heading]

While many people like to head away to rest and relax, it seems that a very large majority still don’t want to miss out on what’s happening in the online world while on holidays. According to Twitter, over 90% of their UK members are going on holiday this summer with 2 in 3 of this number using Twitter while they’re away.

These holiday makers will be using Twitter for activities such as communicating with their friends, staying on top of the news and of course making all of their followers jealous by sharing some holiday snaps!

Travel with Twitter infographic: 

Travel With Twitter

A whopping 95% will access Twitter by their mobile device while away and 71% will tweet about their holiday while they are on it.

Additionally, a massive 57% will use Twitter to stay in contact with people they know.

Some savvy holidaymakers will also use Twitter to help them on their travels with 1 in 4 using it to look for local restaurant recommendations and 46% looking for local information.

Similarly, some will use Twitter to help cut down on holiday costs with 1 in 7 searching for special deals while on holiday.

For those travellers using Twitter abroad, there are a number of hashtags that you can use, such as #helpme #ttot #rtw. These hashtags and others like them are great for finding some helpful travel tips as well as getting answers to your travel related questions!

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 Infographic sourced from Twitter for Business @TwitterUKI_SME