Barbados Bars Lead the Way With Food Offering

Fáilte Ireland recently announced the guidelines for reopening pubs, as Ireland’s COVID-19 lockdown eases. These guidelines detailed that pubs which serve food may reopen on Monday, June 29th, while pubs that don’t serve food must wait until July 20th. The rules also state that customers drinking alcohol must also eat a substantial meal, costing at least €9. While this may take some getting used to for Irish publicans and patrons, in Barbados, eating while drinking alcohol is common practice in bars and rum shops on the island.


As these new regulations are implemented in Ireland, we have put together a list of some famous Barbadian snacks regularly enjoyed with alcohol, to give you an appetite for change.


Commenting on the similarity of the recent changes in Ireland to life in Barbados, Cheryl Carter, Director of the Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. said ‘Barbados is famous for its rum shops, where people from different backgrounds come together to ‘lime’ – a Bajan term meaning to relax, mingle and enjoy great rum and tasty food. In general, the food served in rum shops includes traditional dishes such as macaroni pie, a Barbadian take on macaroni and cheese, and the famous Pudding and Souse, a hot pepper pickled pork with spicy sweet potatoes, is a speciality in many.


As Barbadians say, food served in the rum shops provide the ‘foundation’ for several libations and, in the over 1,500 rum shops across Barbados, the selection is varied including cutters, similar to regular sandwiches and made with crusty Bajan salt bread. Cutters can be eaten at any time of the day but are commonly enjoyed alongside a Barbadian rum.


As Barbados is known as the land of the Flying Fish, one of the most popular types of cutter is the fish cutter, made with, you’ve guessed it… flying fish! There are many different varieties of cutters including liver, cheese, ham, egg and more.


Fish cakes are another great Barbadian snack often enjoyed with an alcoholic drink. They are available from street vendors as well as most rum shops, and are served hot and crispy and are the perfect accompaniment to an ice cold Banks Beer! They can be enjoyed by themselves or in a bun, known famously as a ‘bread and two’.


Some of the more established rum shops serve more elaborate Bajan food like sweet bread, a traditional Bajan coconut bread that is perfect for a snack, or with a cup of tea.


For something more substantial, try a Bajan Pepper Pot, a tasty stewed meat dish, bursting with flavour of spices and hot peppers! Try out some Bajan dishes for yourself with easy-to-follow recipes on the Visit Barbados YouTube Channel.



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The island of Barbados offers the most authentic Caribbean experience with its exceptionally rich culture and history rooted in remarkable landscapes. Rated as one of the world’s sexiest beaches in 2008 by; Barbados’ Crane Beach in St. Philip stands as a premier destination for travellers. Barbados is also the first Zagat-rated Caribbean island and is known as the culinary capital of the Caribbean. Barbados has hosted several world class events including: The annual Barbados Food & Rum Festival; the 2006 PGA World Golf Championships-Barbados World Cup, the ICC Cricket World Cup Finals in 2007, the Sentebale Charity Polo match with Prince Harry of Wales in 2010, and the ICC Twenty20 Cricket Finals for 2010, and the Rihanna LOUD concert in 2012. Accommodations range from picturesque plantation houses and villas, to quaint bed and breakfasts and award-winning, five-star resorts. Grantley Adams International Airport offers even more non-stop and direct service from a growing number of U.S. cities, making Barbados the true gateway to the Eastern Caribbean. Barbados was voted eighth in the World by Trip Advisor’s “2008 Travelers’ Choice Destination Awards” in its Top 100 Destinations category. For more information on travel to Barbados, visit, follow on Facebook at, via Twitter @Barbados.