Over 1,000 people Apply for Barbados Welcome Stamp

Since its launch in July 2020, a huge amount of positive interest has been shown for the 12-month Barbados Welcome Stamp, a visa allowing people from all over the world to live and work remotely in paradise. Over 1,000 applications have been processed, including 17 from Ireland.

Between the 18th July 18 and 22nd August, 1,079 applications were processed, 764 of which were individuals and 315 were family bundles. The three leading countries seeking entry under the programme are the United States, United Kingdom and Canada, accounting for 788 applications. Currently, 17 applications have been processed from Ireland.

Barbados has worked to ensure the process to apply is as simple as possible. Fees are US $2,000 for individuals and there is a family bundle fee of US$3000 available. The visa is valid for one year but may be re-applied for. Applicants will not be liable for Barbados Income Tax. The Barbados Welcome Stamp offers an incredible opportunity for those whose work is location-independent, which now includes entire offices, multi-disciplinary creatives, digital nomads and bold entrepreneurs.

The Welcome Stamp Programme was created with the intention to help fill the gap left by decreased tourist arrivals due to the COVID-19 pandemic and to generate foreign exchange. Barbados has been commended for how it has handled the virus thus far with robust and effective contact tracing protocols that are still in place. The country of more than 280,000 people has had just over 170 cases of COVID-19 and seven deaths. Even as it has re-opened its borders the island has maintained a proper set of travel protocols making travel not onerous but safe.

Visa Requirements

Interested persons can now apply now at www.Barbadoswelcomestamp.bb for the opportunity to live and work remotely in paradise.

Documents needed include:

  • Two passport sized photographs
  • Bio data page of passport
  • Birth certificate (self/spouse/children)
  • Proof of relationship of dependents
  • Entry visa (where applicable)

Upon approval the following non-refundable fees are applicable:

  • Individual – Fee of US $2,000.00
  • Family Bundle-Fee US $3,000.00

For more information on the Barbados Welcome Stamp, please visit www.Barbadoswelcomestamp.bb


For more information on Barbados please contact Niamh Waters – Niamh@travelmedia.ie