The Canary Islands Ask Tourists to Provide a Negative COVID Test Before Accessing Tourist Accommodation

The Government of the Canary Islands approved a decree-law of extraordinary measures designed to manage the health and economic crisis caused by the pandemic. The legal document states that tourists, over six years of age, must complete a COVID-19 PCR or antigen test, certified by health authorities within a maximum period of 72 hours prior to their arrival. The test must certify that the individual has tested negative and is not a transmitter of COVID-19 in order to access tourist accommodation.


Included in the text is a requirement that prior to the reservation of accommodation, tourists must verify that they understand in order to access their lodgings they must complete an accredited diagnostic test. The legal document approved by the Government of the Canary Islands was proposed by the Ministries of Tourism, Industry and Commerce, Health, Public Administration, and Justice and Security.


The Government of the Canary Islands has taken this measure to regulate tourist accommodation so that the health of both travellers and locals can be protected. As well as this, the measures are designed to restrict the spread of COVID-19, which can cause a paralysis of tourist and economic activity.


This new decree-law makes the Canary Islands the first Spanish autonomous community to require tourists to perform a diagnostic test in their place of origin or in spaces made available to them prior to entering tourist accommodation.


Canary residents will be exempted from having to present a negative diagnostic test if they declare under their responsibility that they have not left the Canary Islands 15 days prior to their arrival to tourist accommodation. Non-Canary Islands residents will also be exempted from the necessity to provide a negative test if they have travel documents which prove that they have not left the islands 15 days prior to their arrival to their tourist accommodation.


Tourist accommodation providers have the responsibility under this new regulation to verify the test certificates provided by tourist accommodation users. They also have the obligation to provide information to tourists regarding the locations in which diagnostic tests can be performed in the event that a particular tourist arrives without sufficient documentation. Under this law, tourist accommodation providers must deny access to any tourist who arrives to their establishment without a negative test for COVID-19.


Tourist accommodation users must provide documentation, either electronically or on paper, relevant to the completion of a diagnostic test, performed up to a maximum period of 72 hours prior to their arrival to the accommodation. The documentation verifying a negative test result must also state the date and time of the test, the identity of the tourist, and the laboratory responsible for the diagnosis.


The obligation to verify a negative COVID-19 test for people who arrive in the Canary Islands to stay in tourist accommodation will come into effect on the 10th November, 10 days after this decree-law is passed.


The decree-law sets out the protocol to follow in the event that a tourist is diagnosed as carrying COVID-19. In this case, public administrations will arrange suitable accommodation.


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