Confirms Travel Insurance is Still Valid for Customers Holidaying in Ex-Green-List Destinations

Five countries were removed from the Green List this week, leaving much confusion surrounding travel insurance and whether people who are currently holidaying in ex Green List destinations are still insured.

David Hughes, Operations Director, commented, “people who, in good faith, have travelled to a green listed country that is no longer on the green list will still be covered by their travel insurance. People who plan to travel to one of the de-listed countries should now not travel as they will not be insured”.

David Hughes also had some advice for people that are currently holidaying in ex Green List destinations, “they can continue their trip is they have already left the country and they will be insured. However, if the DFA say “get home now” – they must come home or make every effort to do so. Therefore, it is essential to keep an eye on the DFA website.


Interview Opportunity: David Hughes, Operations Director, is available today for interview / comment on this matter. Please email Niamh Waters, or call 086 0492394, for more information.