Travel Insurance Not Valid for Green List Countries – Clarity Required from Government

Irish travel insurance provider,, is calling for clarification from the government on conflicting statements regarding travel advice for green list countries. Green means go?

Insurers have a moral obligation to follow government guidelines and therefore cannot insure against the greater good, as such, clarity is required from the government regarding travel advice currently listed on the DFA website. For example, the information provided on the Italy page on the DFA website is very conflicting:

  1. Avoid all but essential travel
  2. Make sure to take out comprehensive travel insurance (does this negate the insuring against public good argument?)
  3. Take normal precautions

David Hughes, Operations Director, said, “It appears as though the statement surrounding the Green List was made without preparing the necessary supporting guidance and advice. We are currently in discussions with our underwriters and have contacted the Department of Foreign Affairs for guidance. We hope that clarity on this situation will be provided ASAP”.

He continued, “There is also a lot of confusion around actually getting to destinations on the green list. Monaco is listed, yet France isn’t. To get to Monaco one must fly to France, as in Nice. Is it therefore possible to actually travel to Monaco? Likewise for Gibraltar. There are no direct flights from Ireland to Gibraltar. One would need to travel via Spain”.

Interview Opportunity: David Hughes, Operations Director, is available today for interview / comment on this matter. Please email Niamh Waters, or call 086 0492394, for more information.