Welcome News that Travel Advice has been Changed for Green List Destinations

Travel insurance will now be valid in all countries mentioned on green list

Irish travel insurance provider,, has welcomed the news that the Government has now clarified its position on travel advice and that travel to the so called ‘green list’ of countries is now exempt from the general travel advice against non-essential travel overseas.


As the travel advice for green list destinations was last night changed to ‘normal precautions’, travellers can now purchase travel insurance and be confident in the knowledge that they will be covered, should they choose to travel to one of those destinations.


David Hughes, Operations Director, said, “like others in the industry we have been calling on the Government for clarity on travel advice and for the safe opening of tourist routes. There has been a whirlwind of activity happening over the past few days between, underwriters, the DFA, insurance bodies and the Government”.


He continued, “this move will provide confidence to the consumer and ensure that they are protected by their travel insurance policies. All policies purchased by individuals planning to travel to destinations on the green list now have cancellation and curtailment cover if the insured person, their travelling companion, or person they were going to stay with, receives a COVID-19 diagnosis. In addition, all policies will cover medical expenses overseas, including COVID-19”.


David further commented “there still remains a risk for consumers that the government could change its travel advice for any of the 15 green list countries at a moment’s notice, which would then invalidate travel insurance. Government have advised the green list will be updated every two weeks. call on the government to be consistent and considered when updating the list and not to arbitrarily remove and add countries.”


“ further call on the government to formally clarify its position on transit travel, where passengers need to connect or transit via a third country (non-green) to reach one of the 15 green listed counties, e.g. Monaco and Gibraltar.”

“If people do choose to remain closer to home, our staycation cover ( also has cancellation cover for a COVID diagnosis, along with a COVID hospitalisation benefit and an extensive range of additional cover built in”.


Interview Opportunity: David Hughes, Operations Director, is available today for interview / comment on this matter. Please email Niamh Waters, or call 086 0492394, for more information.