The most romantic places in the Canary Islands

Whether you’re on the search for a romantic holiday-for-two or a honeymoon trip, the Canary Islands offer plenty of unspoiled spots to share the best experiences with your partner.

Be it enjoying long beach strolls along the shoreline of Fuerteventura’s white-sandy beaches, trail-running in La Gomera or stargazing in La Palma, here are the most romantic getaways in the Canary Islands.

Corralejo dunes in Fuerteventura

Corralejo Natural Park is the best place to go to enjoy the desert beauty of Fuerteventura. This coastal zone, measuring 2.5 by 10.5 kilometers, is located in the north-east of the island and has two contrasting but nevertheless harmonious sides.

In the north, alongside the large tourist resort of Corralejo is the biggest dune spread in the whole of the Canary Islands; an enormous extension of white sands bathed by the turquoise waters of the Atlantic Ocean where to get lost with your partner. To the south, the opposite awaits: a volcanic landscape, red and ochre, dramatic and rugged.

La Gomera and the magic fountain

La Gomera oozes romance – from the windy roads, the green nooks or the spectacular hiking trails.

Travel from landscape to landscape, through palm-filled valleys, deep ravines, black sand beaches with crystal-clear waters, luxuriant ancient forests refreshed with babbling streams

Nestled in the lush and impressive nature of Garajonay National Park are the Chorros of Epina (Epina’s Jets) – one of the most romantic spots on the island, said to have magical properties like the ‘fulfillment of love wishes’.

Watching the sun rise from the summit of mount Teide in Tenerife

Watching the sun rise from the summit of Mount Teide, the world’s third largest volcano and a Unesco World Heritage, is a must in the top ten romantic things to do in the Canary Islands. The same can be said about the sun set: as the light fades from the sky, Mount Teide projects its shade on the sea, a unique experience better served for two.

That’s just one of the many attractions Tenerife has to offer: the island also boasts six Michelin stars distributed in five restaurants thus turning the territory in one of the most gastronomically awarded for its size. M.B by world-known Martin Berasategui in The Ritz Carlton Abama headed by chef Erlantz Gorostiza has two Michelin stars.

Roque Bentayga, a sacred stone in Gran Canaria

Roque Nublo is considered one of the biggest natural crags in the world. Of special significance to the islanders, this crag of volcanic origin stands at a height of 80 meters and is 1,813 meters above sea level. An ancient place of worship for the aborigines, it was declared a protected natural space in 1987 and a rural park seven years later.

Though as special as this sacred spot is, there’s another one of the same kind with a more romantic flare to it: Roque Bentayga. This cracked rock, riddled with pathos, is the true heart of Gran Canaria. Panoramic views contrast with the details of the carved rock and caves.
The walk up to the base of Bentayga is gorgeous, and the visitor centre is a treat. Overall, it’s one of Gran Canaria’s most impressive spots.

Jameos del Agua, the perfect backdrop for a romantic dinner

A surprise romantic dinner in Jameos del Agua in Lanzarote is difficult to beat: the jameos are lava tunnels which run under the sea created by lava flows that emerged from the La Corona volcano in Haria some 21,000 years ago.

In the 1960´s, Lanzarote-born artist Cesar Manrique began his quest for preserving Lanzarote’s natural and cultural assets.

A beautiful place by day, the location is magnificent at night. The natural lagoon set in an underground cave is a wonderful sight, and the lighting effects play tricks as the extremely shallow bottom quickly turns to an illusion of infinite depth. Shades of rust, green and black emanate from the mineral deposits in the cave roof.

Besides having one of the most incredible backdrops for a romantic dinner, Lanzarote is also home to Lani’s Suits, the best romantic hotel in the world according to TripAdvisor travellers.

La Palma, stargazing at its best

Stargazing as a couple is probably one of the most romantic activities one can think of, let alone if this happens in one of the world’s top stargazing destinations in the world: La Palma.

The Trade Wind breezes and the temperature inversion they generate prevent clouds from forming over the Canary Islands. This is why the skies in the Canaries are amongst the clearest in Europe and are legally protected by the Law of Protección de la Calidad Astronómica de los Observatorios.

Take advantage with a guided night tour for two or a star gazing session at a viewpoint; some operator even include wine and tapas tastings. To get as close as you can to the cosmos, head to the Roque de los Muchachos observatories at 2,420 meters above sea level.

Bathing in Charco Azul volcanic pool

Located in El Hierro, Charco Azul is without a doubt one of the most spectacular bathing spots in the Canary Islands. Created naturally by flowing lava, these turquoise pools offer protection from the imposing open sea by way of a rook, which sends white spray and the crashing of waves up the sides.

Located in El Golfo, a magnificent valley along the rugged coastline, this pool is one of the finest examples of some of the delightful side effects of volcanic flows, and the perfect romantic getaway for those couples looking for tranquility in an incomparable ocean scenery.

Barefoot wedding in La Graciosa

If you would like to have a barefoot wedding far from nosy onlookers on a quiet island surrounded by turquoise seas – discover one of the most beautiful secrets of the archipelago.

With fewer than 700 inhabitants, La Graciosa is like a portion of paradise with idyllic beaches, incredible views of the Lanzarote coastline and the perfect climate for one’s big day any time of year.

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