What Long-Haul Destinations are Irish People Travelling to this Winter?

Ireland’s leading travel health group, Tropical Medical Bureau (TMB), have revealed the most popular long-haul destinations for Winter 2022/23. TMB have seen a jump in people booking appointments for vaccinations for long haul destinations. Over the summer, holiday makers primarily stayed close to home with flights to Spain and Portugal packed, but now as the winter approaches long haul destinations are back with Asia reigning supreme.

  1. Thailand
  2. Indonesia
  3. Vietnam
  4. Peru
  5. Cambodia
  6. Colombia
  7. Brazil
  8. Tanzania
  9. Mexico
  10. Kenya

From these fascinating results we can see travel returning back to normal patterns. This list displays parallels with TMB’s list of top-ranking long-haul destinations in 2019, which was also dominated by Southeast Asian destinations, with Vietnam ranking first, followed by Thailand, India, and Cambodia.

According to ‘The Keyword’ by Google, inbound travel demand in Southeast Asia has experienced the fastest upturn in the Philippines and Indonesia, based on search volumes. In March 2022, inbound demand for the Philippines had already surpassed pre-pandemic figures (hitting 104% of pre-pandemic search volumes), while Indonesia is close to a full rebound too (94%).

Although travel trends are returning to pre-pandemic times, new long- haul direct services from Dublin Airport may see long-haul travel trends change in 2023. The travel industry expects an increase in direct services from Dublin to locations such as Cancun, Tel Aviv, Hong Kong and Beijing. TUI Airways have already announced a new route from Dublin to Cancun twice weekly beginning July/August Summer 2023. We are likely to see EL AL connect Dublin to Tel Aviv three times weekly beginning 31st March 2023. Cathay Pacific Airways and Hanian Airlines are gradually restoring their European networks, it is expected that both routes from Hong Kong and Beijing will be restored in 2023.

Vaccinations for Central and South America

If you wish to enter certain countries in South America, the Yellow Fever vaccination is strongly recommended. There are also other vaccinations which should be strongly considered for your personal health when travelling to Central and South America…

  • Hepatitis A
  • Typhoid
  • Tetanus

For those travelling for an extended period or to more rural areas of Central or South America cover against Hepatitis B, Rabies and Meningococcal Meningitis is also recommended.


Vaccinations for Southeast Asia

There are no required vaccinations for entry into Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia or Hong Kong from Western Europe. Nevertheless, there are a few vaccinations that are recommended for Southeast Asia.

  • Hepatitis A
  • Typhoid
  • Tetanus

For those travelling for an extended period or to more rural areas of Southeast Asia cover against Hepatitis B, Rabies and Meningococcal Meningitis is also recommended.


Vaccinations for Tanzania

All travellers visiting Tanzania should receive the following vaccines up to prior to travel…

  • Poliomyelitis
  • Hepatitis A
  • Typhoid
  • Tetanus

Those travelling to Tanzania may also be recommended vaccines against Yellow Fever, Cholera, Hepatitis B, Rabies and Meningococcal Meningitis.

Generally, vaccines should be considered for all travellers going to areas outside of Western Europe, North America and Australia and New Zealand. You can find a full list of destinations and vaccines required at https://www.tmb.ie/destinations

Travel vaccines should be started at least 4 weeks before the journey if possible. Those planning to live abroad for long periods, or those undertaking extensive trekking holidays, will need to start their vaccine courses up to 6 months before they leave.

For more information or to book your pre-departure travel vaccines and COVID-19 testing please visit www.tmb.ie




About TMB Group

The TMB Group (encompassing Nomad Travel in the UK) is the leading travel medicine clinic group in Ireland, specialists in providing the best information and medical care available for the international traveller. Collectively, the TMB Group sees approximately 60,000 patients on an annual basis, ranging from the private holidaymaker to employees of commercial companies, and overseas volunteers to NGO’s and Government departments, all of whom benefit from the expertise of our highly experienced clinic staff.


Since it was founded in 1988, TMB has undergone major growth and expansion to currently encompass 27 clinics, 20 clinics in Ireland (four base clinics and 16 associate clinics). In 2016, TMB acquired Nomad Travel Clinics in the UK. Nomad Travel Clinics has 30 years experience in travel health, pharmacy & retail, throughout 7 clinics across the UK.


What distinguishes TMB is our vast experience and expertise, as well as our superb patient aftercare. All our patients have a detailed consultation with one of our specialised healthcare staff. This covers everything from food and water risks, mosquito avoidance, malaria and thrombosis, as well as risks associated with altitude exposure, and also Zika and COVID-19 risks, which may be associated with your trip. Following a detailed consultation, we then decide on which travel vaccines and malaria tablets are appropriate. Our specialised travel medicine software is constantly being updated with travel news, so if anything is happening in your destination that you need to be aware of, we’ll make sure you are.