Michael Collins Travel Centres 2014 Presentation – Local SEO

This week, our own Michael Collins was invited to speak at the Travel Centres 2014 conference. Travel Centres is Ireland’s largest travel agency consortium. This year marks 10 years since the first Travel Centres Conference, with the focus this year being ‘Navigating the Future’. Michael spoke on the topic of ‘Local SEO’ and stressed how important it is to get the basics correct.

By making a few simple tweaks on your website you can ensure that your website appears in ‘local search’ on Google. Google wants to be able to deliver better and more accurate search results to internet users. If you don’t tell Google you exist then it is hard to drive traffic to your site. Look at simple items such as your web address, how images on your website are named, how your address appears – are you doing all of them correctly?

To learn more about this topic, view or download Michael’s presentation by clicking on the Slideshare box below.  

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