Vine Videos – What you need to know

With social media users consuming more content than ever on a daily basis it is now becoming harder and harder for brands to stand out from the crowd and catch a user’s attention.

Users have now become accustomed – some would even say addicted – to consuming massive amounts of content on a variety of devices. Because of this, today’s social media users are appreciative of short, snappy content which is easy for them to consume. Step forward the Vine video – a service which boasts about 67 million users per month.

What is a Vine video?

Vine, launched in 2012, is a video sharing app which was acquired by Twitter just prior to its official launch. The difference with this app, in comparison to its competitors, is that it allows users to record and edit looping video clips which are between five and six seconds long. Each video is made up of a sequence of different short videos known as frames. The average Vine video is between 6 – 10 frames long, although, depending on the skill of the creator, this number can be much higher.

Once a user has recorded and edited their video they can then publish it through Vine and share it to other social media platforms. Vine videos can also be embedded onto web pages. Users of Vine can also perform an action known as a ‘Revine’, whereby they share other peoples videos with their own followers.


Since its launch, Vine has continued to grow in popularity and now over 100 million people watch Vines each month. On a daily basis, there are 12 million Vines uploaded to Twitter, from which there are five tweeted every second. In addition, Vine boasted a 27% increase in mobile app user growth in the last quarter. It was also the fastest growing app in 2013. Given the head spinning stats surrounding this app it is clear that Vine is one of the most popular apps among today’s social media users.


Considering its popularity it comes as no surprise that brands have been quick to make use of this free video marketing platform. Vine allows brands to be creative and communicate their message in a way that is fun, engaging, and most importantly, short.

However, it is important to note that before you jump in and start making use of this app you need to make sure you are creating videos which are up to scratch. If you’ve never used Vine before then it can take some getting used to, so take the time to get to know the app and to polish your Vine making skills.

Brands all over the globe have started a love affair with Vine – creating videos that range from instructional to entertaining and promotional to informative. Below we feature some of the best uses of Vine from some well-known companies and brands in the travel industry.


Virgin America

Should you be using Vine?

As with any social network or app you should ask yourself – what is my goal? Will my customers engage with this sort of content? Maybe you can use Vine for a one-off campaign rather than as a full-time platform. Vine is great – when done correctly, so if you plan on using it then make sure you get some practice before you start publishing. 

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