Beat the flu before it beats you

Press Release Date: 23rd October 2017 

With the days getting noticeably shorter and the weather a lot colder there is one thing for sure – Winter is coming! For many people this means one thing – the flu!

It may be a fairly common illness but that doesn’t make the flu any less unpleasant. Its nasty symptoms include high fever, a cough, stuffy nose, fatigue and nausea.

To help you stay healthy this winter, Tropical Medical Bureau have compiled a list of top tips to prevent the flu.

Wash your hands: Maintaining good personal hygiene is the best way to avoid getting sick. Make sure you regularly wash your hands using warm water and soap to kill any bacteria.

Avoid sick people: Flu germs are highly contagious, spreading like wildfire from the infected. If a colleague or loved one is ill, try to keep as much distance as possible.

Plenty of Vitamin C: Get your fill of Vitamin-C rich food, such as fruits and vegetables, to protect against immune system deficiencies. If you’re worried you’re not getting the recommended daily allowance, take a supplement.

Keep surfaces clean: Use disinfectant wipes to keep all surfaces clean in your home and workplace. This will help to prevent the spread of the flu virus.

Exercise regularly: Exercising is fantastic for improving your immunity. Go for a jog, sweat it out on the squash court or join that local dance class to strengthen your body and defences.

Flu vaccination: The most effective way to protect against the Influenza virus is to get vaccinated. Get a flu vaccination and greatly reduce your risk of becoming sick. The elderly and international travellers should consider this in particular. Flu vaccines at TMB clinics cost just €25 or €15 as part of a course of vaccinations.

Worried about sickness in the workplace? TMB offer on-site flu vaccination services for companies and organisations who have at least 50 employees requiring vaccination, ensuring there is minimal disruption to a working day. Book yours here!

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