Top 10 Romantic Concierge Requests



Press release: 11th February 2015

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and couples all over the world will be organising grand gestures and romantic surprises for each other.

The award-winning all-inclusive Couples Resorts in Jamaica offer the perfect atmosphere to enjoy a romantic holiday with the special person in your life.

As the ultimate romantic getaway, Couples Resorts’ concierges have received more than a few romantic requests from guests over the years.

From special desserts to marriage proposals, they have assisted with it all and love nothing more than seeing happy smiles on guest’s faces.

Check out the top 10 most romantic concierge requests below and you’ll see that Couples Resorts’ guests are quite a romantic bunch!

1: Private dinner on the beach – a beautifully romantic setting for a sumptuous meal

2: Send a bouquet of fresh, tropical flowers to the guest room – a simple gesture guaranteed to fill somebody with love

3: Order special bottles of wine or champagne – treating a partner to a little bit of luxury always goes down well

4: Orders of rose petals to the guest room – the perfect way to create a truly special atmosphere

5: Assistance in decorating the guest room (some guests bring décor with them for this) – gorgeous surroundings never fail to impress

6: Leave romantic notes around the guest room – heartfelt words sometimes mean more than the grand gestures

7: Order special desserts to the guest room – sweet treats are a small yet wonderful way to make somebody smile

8: Book a couples massage in the beach spa hut – a relaxing experience designed to bring you both closer

9: Book a private sunset cruise – watching the golden sun set over the azure ocean is a magical way to spend the evening

10: Assistance with proposals – the ultimate gesture to show ones undying love

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