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Press Release Date: 30th March 2011

Ask any business colleague and they will confirm that inter-continental travelling brings its own special brand of stress and strain. Missed connections, climatic changes, new unfamiliar contacts, language uncertainty and many more difficulties all add together to ensure that the `glamour’ of business travel is not all that it is made out to be.

The business traveller faces problems each day and it is essential that they remain in good, if not perfect, health in order that they stay well and that the business of the day can be completed to everyone’s satisfaction.

Staying healthy as a business traveller will require some extra care and commonsense. Remember that you will require your body to stay healthy for quite a while ~ so take care to look after it properly at this stage.

  • Local Customs
    Check out the local customs; alcohol acceptability, state of dress, expressions and phrases etc. Don’t unintentionally insult your business colleagues. Talk to colleagues who may have been there before and listen to their advice.
  • First Aid Kit
    Carry a small personal first aid kit. Personal items and simple medications may not be available out of business hours. A thermometer, some panadol, a few plasters and your favourite ‘flu remedy are essential items for your first aid kit. Remember also to carry a supply of medication for both diarrhoea and nausea.
  • Food Supply
    Watch out for health problems which can occur very easily. Always watch your diet. Stick to hot freshly cooked foods and never indulge in any of the under cooked shell fish dishes (eg mussels,oysters, clams etc). Lettuce may also be easily contaminated and is better left alone. Don’t be swayed by others to eat food that you know to be unwise. Have your own sensible guidelines and stick with them at all times.
  • Water Supply
    The water supply in many of the large cities will be perfect but it is generally wise to check for a chlorine smell before you drink the tap water or use it for brushing your teeth. Ice cubes may also be made from untreated water and are probably best avoided.
  • Alcohol, Smoking & Overeating
    On business trips it is very easy to be wined and dined each evening. Over eating with limited exercise will cause your health to suffer in the long run. Never drink too much alcohol as this will compromise you in a number of significant ways.
  • Vaccines & Malaria
    Apart from the standard vaccines, cover against Influenza is recommended each year if you will have a number of long-haul flights. Business trips are usually to main capital cities but if you have the opportunity to travel around the country you will need to be careful as you may place yourself at significant risk of malaria and other very serious diseases. Even 24 hours in a risk region can lead to infection. Check out the situation before leaving home if at all possible.


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