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Press Release Date: 10th February 2011 

Whatever way you will be wining and dining your loved one this Valentine’s Day, bear in mind all the ways Valentine’s can go wrong. With over 30 years experience in the business, Dr Graham Fry of the Tropical Medical Bureau has encountered every Valentine’s related woe known to man.

Dr Fry says “Valentine’s day is a great opportunity to show someone you love what they mean to you but taking some sensible precautions will go a long way towards ensuring you are successful in your endeavors!” 

Here Dr Fry gives up his Top 10 Valentine’s nightmares and romantic faux pas to avoid:

  • 1. Leave the Dirty Dancing to the professionals – a sprained ankle or a limp won’t endear you to anyone
  • 2. Trying Viagra for the first time? Taking too much of the little blue pills can be a heartstopper in more ways than one! Also, if you’re buying Viagra abroad not only do you risk it being toxic but it might not work at all
  • 3. Everything in moderation – too much food and booze means you’ve very little chance of getting up to any other fun
  • 4. Jumping into a fountain in Rome sounds like the ultimate romantic gesture, right? How about Legionnaire’s disease too, commonly contracted through fountains and water?
  • 5. A fancy meal in a top class restaurant might be on the menu this February 14th but steer clear of ordering shellfish to avoid the most common romantic malady
  • 6. Jetting off to an exotic location with some action in mind? Make sure to pack the suncream. The lobster look won’t turn anyone on.
  • 7. Did you know that brain haemorrhages can be caused during sex?
  • 8. Getting drunk and popping the question through beer goggles – only to regret it in the morning.
  • 9. This Valentine’s don’t make a present of chlamydia or any number of other STIs on the increase in Ireland
  • 10. If you’re proposing on the Eiffel Tower or another famous landmark, watch out security don’t confiscate the ring!

A final Valentine’s word of warning from Dr Fry: “The travel medicine adage of ‘know before you go’ is essential if you want to get the best out of your plans for Valentine’s Day. Forethought is as important as Foreplay. So the Scouts motto of ‘be prepared’ may seem old fashioned but staying healthy and safe brings its rewards, especially on Valentine’s.” 

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