Health risks with returning travellers

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Press Release Date: 17th December 2014

With the Christmas season well and truly upon us, people are starting to return home from all corners of the world to celebrate with their families or taking a festive break.

While this is a great time for reunions and celebration, some people can get so caught up in it that they miss symptoms of illnesses that they could have carried home with them.

For example some respiratory illnesses can develop slowly over a few days before you realise you are sick and, in some cases, by this time you may have already spread it to your loved ones, ensuring a not so happy Christmas for everyone! 

Being covered with the ‘flu vaccine (before you travel but also for any of the higher risk groups at home) will help lessen this risk, though of course there are a lot of other problems out there.

It is also a common misconception that only people who have travelled to far flung countries can contract diseases such as Malaria or Dengue Fever. 

Dr Graham Fry, Medical Director of Tropical Medical Bureau says, “Whether you are returning from an exotic location or simply from a festive getaway, be aware of your health upon your return and if you are not feeling well contact your GP or (for currently registered TMB patients) our 24/7 urgent support service to rule out more serious illnesses.”

Andrew Lewis, CEO of TMB added, “The Tropical Medical Bureau offer a follow-up service for all registered TMB patients who may have concerns when they return from their travels as well as a 24/7 hotline and post-exposure service for all returning travellers.”

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