Top destinations for Irish travellers in 2014

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Press Release Date: 22nd December 2014

Thailand has topped the polls for the most popular tourist destination among Irish tourists for the seventh year running.

This is based upon those who sought advice from the Tropical Medical Bureau during 2014.

The top four destinations are the same as 2013, with the only change being Cambodia sneaking past India into third place.

Vietnam held onto its second place position with Indonesia claiming its previously held fifth place title, leaving it in seventh place. Interestingly, the United Arab Emirates climbed several places this year, landing in sixth place, far from its thirteenth place in 2013.

South Africa, Brazil and Peru managed to remain in the top ten, but Argentina was just pushed out, landing at number eleven.

The most popular destinations for Irish travellers, who attended Tropical Medical Bureau’s clinics around Ireland, in 2014 were as follows:

  1. Thailand
  2. Vietnam
  3. Cambodia
  4. India
  5. Indonesia
  6. United Arab Emirates
  7. Malaysia
  8. Peru
  9. Brazil
  10. South Africa

Dr Graham Fry, Medical Director of Tropical Medical Bureau, says “Once again we see Thailand as being the most popular destination for our patients. It is a beautiful country with so much to offer the tourist and the majority of those visiting the country will remain perfectly healthy and well. However, sensible precautions for the traveller, and vaccines suitable for any planned itinerary, are needed to ensure all they return home with are good memories. It is not surprising to see the UAE make an appearance at the top, as we see more and more Irish travelling to Dubai and Abu Dhabi for employment and short holiday breaks.”

Andrew Lewis, CEO of the Tropical Medical Bureau said, “Our results were based on the 20,000+ travellers that came through our 20 clinics nationwide during 2014. This helps us get a very good insight into the most popular destinations as well as the reasons for increases or declines in popularity of certain destinations.”


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