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Press Release Date: 13th January 2016

In 2015, Thailand topped the polls for the most popular tourist destination among Irish tourists for the eighth year running.

This is based upon those who sought advice from the Tropical Medical Bureau during 2015.

With it’s beautiful scenery, amazing nightlife and tropical weather, it’s no wonder that this South East Asia destination continues to grow in popularity, along with it’s neighbours Vietnam and Cambodia. 

South East Asia has dominated the top five for the past several years, with Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia placing in the top four places since 2011. This part of the world will no doubt remain high on the list for 2016, particularly popular among college students or those who have recently graduated, looking for some time away from reality.

With the Olympics taking place in Rio de Janeiro Brazil in August, South America is sure to be a major destination for the year. South America is already a high ranking area for Irish travellers, Brazil and Peru are already in the top ten most popular destinations, currently sitting at eight and six respectively.

Those who choose to travel that far for the events will most likely extend their visit to explore nearby countries such as Argentina, Bolivia and Peru, home to world famous sites such as Machu Pichu, the Bolivan Salt Flats and Buenos Aires.

The United Arab Emirates broke into the top five in 2015, having steadily climbed over the past few years. Dubai and Abu Dhabi have become important destinations for Irish teachers spending a year abroad teaching English to local students.

Closer to home, many Irish sports fans will flock to France over the Summer months. First for the UEFA Euro 2016 soccer championship, which takes place in June, closely followed by the Tour de France in July.

The most popular destinations for Irish travellers, who attended the Tropical Medical Bureau’s clinics around Ireland, in 2015 were as follows:

     1. Thailand

     2. Vietnam

     3. India

     4. Cambodia

     5. United Arab Emirates

     6. Peru

     7. Indonesia

     8. Brazil

     9. South Africa

     10. Malaysia

Dr Graham Fry, Medical Director of Tropical Medical Bureau, says “Unsurprisingly Thailand topped the polls again, with it’s popularity in the Irish market never wavering. With such easy access and great work opportunities for Irish travellers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi it’s no wonder more and more people are heading there. This will be sure to continue to rise in 2016. However, South America is sure to be the top contender thanks to Rio 2016 drawing sports fans and travellers from all around the world.” 

Andrew Lewis, CEO of the Tropical Medical Bureau added, “Our results are based on the 20,000+ travellers that came through our 20 clinics nationwide during 2015. The footfall that we see during the year in all of our clinics gives us a great insight into the most popular destinations, as well as the reason for the rise or fall in popularity for certain destinations.”


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