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Press Release Date: 22nd March 2011

Top tips from Tropical Medical Bureau for staying safe on safari.

Don’t let your dream holiday become a nightmare. Follow these simple rules for a happy and healthy holiday.

  • Remember you are the visitors – not the animals
  • Early morning and late nights don’t make good companions
  • Carry a torch in case you need to wander at night!
  • Have some plaster dressings and an antibiotic cream in case you get scratched
  • Carry Tick tweezers to carefully remove any unwanted lodgers as soon as possible
  • Wide brimmed hat to protect against sun exposure
  • Drink plenty of fresh clear water
  • Avoid getting too close to the animal’s water holes
  • Bring zoom lens for the camera and binoculars – safer than getting too close!
  • Insect repellents will reduce the early morning attention of the mosquitoes
  • Tsetse bites are painful and need extra attention to avoid Sleeping Sickness
  • Don’t paddle in the water holes – too many unfriendly creatures won’t like you intruding on their home turf
  • Don’t feed to monkeys – small animals cause more problems that the bigger ones
  • Any bite, lick or scratch by an animal may be a problem as rabies is definitely worth avoiding
  • Don’t leave food around your tent or camp site
  • Watching the stars may be a fantastic experience but that is when the mosquitoes are more active
  • Horse back riding in the Drakensburg is a great experience but don’t ride through long grass or too close to bushes
  • Leave the perfumes and aftershaves at the hotel as mosquitoes are attracted by strong odours
  • Treat any cuts or scratches as soon as possible to reduce the risk of infections
  • Bouncing around in a safari jeep for many hours is not a good experience for those with piles!


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